About Me...

“I swear this lil’ lady jumped right outta a time machine. Girl's gotta #hippiesoul!" That tweet by a fan after a recent Reed Ferguson show at an Atlanta venue says it all. If Classic Rock is looking for a revival, 19-year-old singer/songwriter Reed Ferguson might just be its savior. A fusion of various influences, from Elmore James to Led Zeppelin drives her authentic and distinctive songwriting Rock sound, a style NPR's John Lorinc recently described it as "neo" classic Rock. Reed's latest release, an original 5 song EP entitled Magic Eye, is evidence of this emerging genre. As one Atlanta newspaper recently wrote, "While classic rock lovers will delight in the covers sprinkled through her set list, it's Reed's original tunes that are sure to bring new rockers to the fold.” 

Magic Eye is now available on iTunes!  
Learn more about Reed on website: http://www.reedferguson.com